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A while back someone asked me what was the kinkiest thing I’d ever done.

My answer…. the time I fucked a bride on her wedding day at her wedding reception. She was a very dirty girl, and we had a long history.

About an hour after the wedding ended….I had her bent over in a coat closet… wedding dress up over her head, one hand over her mouth, my other hand around her throat, and I fucking her hard. It started with me fucking her pussy, and then moved on to ass fucking. And when I finished, I came in her ass.

And because fucking a bride on her wedding day wasn’t enough kink for me… I had her leave me, go straight to her new husband and kiss him deeply in front of everyone. It was hot watching that and knowing my cum was draining from her ass as it happened…

Whenever someone tells me their wife or gf used to be crazy, but that “she’s settled down” and that it’s “all in her past”, I laugh to myself.

The truth is… You can’t reform a dirty girl; once they get dirty, they never go back. She’s either dying inside, or getting dirty with other guys behind your back.

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